Beer Dispensers

Ever wanted ice cold beer in less than 10 minutes? Well we have the solution for you and it does not include your bar fridge or your local pub, its called a keg dispenser.

Once you have pulled the tap, you will definitely be rewarded with an ice cold draught of your choice so you can sit back and relax after a hectic week.
If you are hosting a bachelor’s party, birthday, wedding or any event, a beer keg system might be all you need for you and your beer loving mates.
All you need is a liquid sensations beer tap system and you will be ready to go
We will deliver and collect your draught system anywhere in Gauteng.
Liquid Sensations Mobile Bars offer the following beer on tap:
Castle, Castle Light, Black Label, Windhoek, Peroni, Heineken, Amstel.
We also offer german beers, the SAB brand beers can be received in either a 50 lt keg or a 30 lt keg.
Brandhouse beers unfortunately only come in 30 lt kegs.
We also offer craft beer.
Our mobile draught system is very easy to setup and manage. All you need is ice and you are ready to go. We offer 500 ml plastic beer cups at a extra charge so if you need some, please feel free to let us know.
Tequila tasting for the brave:
With this package we offer the following:
We touch base with 10 different tequila brands, you will understand the method used to make each one and some history on each tequila.
We will provide spit buckets, but hey who needs those if you not the alcohol wasting type.
After we have done the demonstration, you will receive a certificate to boast by your mates that you officially a tequila master.
We will supply a range of fruits and pallet cleansers so you can try all the tequila’s in a different way.
This package is great for bachelor parties, team buildings and social get togethers.
We require a minimum of 5 people to book a package like this.

Brands we focus on are:
Jose Cuervo Reposada
Olmeca Silver
Olmeca reposada
El Jimador blanco
El jimado reposada
Poncho 1910
Don Julio